This ICRS, we are Breaking the Magician's Code!

By inviting you to meet the Margin Magician,
Sid Kothari and giving you access to all our secrets
at International Car Rental Show, 2022.

24th - 26th Apr 2022


Booth No. 606


7:30 AM - 8:00 PM PST


Paris Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas

Meet the "Margin Magician" of Car Rentals

Sid Kothari is an extremely energetic, fun-loving, people person who is a firm believer in magic – The magic of AI!

He can help you leverage AI to build a profitable digital roadmap to boost margins for your car rental business.

Meet him at ICRS’22 and uncover the potential opportunities that exist in your business, with the magic of revAI – powered by AI.

Sid Kothari

General Manager at revAI

What is AI? The New “Magic” for Car Rental Companies

With the help of AI, Sid knows what others do not about your car rental business:

Spike in demand for the next 90 days


Amount buyers are willing to pay


Hot locations to move fleet for efficiency


Hot dates to increase prices by car segment

Wondering What Else Sid Knows?

Sid knows that your business needs
Know all this and more at ICRS’22!