We are Demystifying AI for Car Rentals, This ICRS


16th - 18th Apr 2023


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10:00 AM - 8:00 PM PT


Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

With All the Buzz Surrounding AI, It’s No Wonder There’s Confusion About Its True Potential in Car Rental Revenue Management

What is Not AI?

  • Pricing based only on historical data
  • Only rule based pricing
  • Blindly following competition’s prices
  • Pricing based on gut feeling
  • Pricing based only on seasonality

What is AI?

  • Market-led demand forecast
  • Continuously evolving prices as per real-time data processing
  • Feedback looping capacity for market data and client specific data
  • Price recommendations based on real-time market, competitor intelligence and historical data

Meet Our Experts at ICRS To Know What AI Can Do for Your Business


Geet Narang

AVP - Sales & AM

Speaker Pic

Rasika Kumar

VP - Customer Success & AM

Speaker Pic (1)

Dimpee Kalita

VP - Strategic Revenue Management

Speaker Pic (2)

Andrew M Hoeberichts

VP - Sales, Adara (A RateGain Co)

What Does AI Know About Your Business, That You May Not?

AI can help you identify:


Spike in demand for the next 90 days


Amount buyers are willing to pay


Hot locations to move fleet for efficiency


Hot dates to increase prices by car segment

Wondering What Else Can AI Help You With?

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