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A Competitive Rate Intelligence Visualization Dashboard to help you take actionable insights and make effective and timely pricing decisions.


Solve revenue challenges in the new normal with the world’s most trusted car rental solution.

With Rev-AI Canvas

Identify revenue opportunities for all future rental dates across

With Reb AI Canvas
Analyze your competitor

Verify the reasons that are driving demand

In your target market to understand how your competition is trying to capture demand at the click of a button. Gain competitive advantage with visibility.

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Rectify your pricing decision
10-times faster

with Rev-AI Canvas alerts that notify you of marketing changes or opportunities. Never miss the opportunity to one-up your competitor.

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Eliminate uncertainty with intelligent pricing decisions

Rev-AI CarGain Canvas provides an integrated analytics solution that gives a 360 degree market view to help car rental business owners & revenue managers identify revenue leakage faster, verify their market position quicker, and rectify their pricing strategy, with a better understanding of the market, to unlock new revenue in the new normal. Rev-AI Canvas helps understand:


Volatile Demand


Lack of Resources


Manual Competitive Analysis


Inaccurate Market Position Monitoring


Unable to Set Competitive Prices

Fueled by data from various sources


4 Billion

Rates per year


400 MN

Rate Updates










History Data

10 Years

Historical Data


Powered by cutting edge technology


Cloud Burst

Big Query


Largest User of PUBSUB

Data Lake

In-house Data Lake

Quality Analysis

Automated Data Quality Checks

Customer speak

Ecosystem of partners

Our partnerships are aligned to enable car rental companies accelerate technology adoption by delivering greater business insights and create new revenue models. We believe in creating a healthy partnership ecosystem with mature relationships and focus on co-creation of value for the car rental industry.

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Thermeon BlueBird

RateGain – Thermeon Bluebird partnership provides the most comprehensive solution suite consisting of solutions for pricing intelligence, CRS, and revenue management, as a single bundled offering. This suite is aimed at helping the car rental industry benefit from faster, data-backed actionable insights to move towards a #BetterTomorrow.


RateGain’s CarGain and RevGain products maximise pricing and revenue management, while Arvoia provide the opportunity to Personalise the booking experience through our range of Personalisation products, all of which greatly improves the profitability and revenue performance of the car rental sector while also improving customer experience.

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