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Rev-AI is the first AI-powered revenue management dashboard created for car rental companies, holiday parks and resorts, and ferries to help you identify the total market potential and provide opportunities to maximize revenue, without the hassle of manual work while making every forecast profitable.

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Find Hot Locations
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Accelerating Budget Nevada's Business

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Transforming Car Rental Experiences with RevAI

Tom Mallo Chief Executive Officer of Budget, Nevada

"When you are dealing with uncertainty, the ideal partner is one that can both provide real-time insights as well as a plan of action to use those insights to drive business recovery. That’s Rev-AI."

Wade L Stender Senior Manager of Revenue & Reservations at Budget Car & Truck Rental of Calgary

"The Rev-AI tools have been a game-changer our revenue management and business performance enabling well-informed decisions for long-term success and industry leadership."

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Look Beyond Traditional Parameters.
Track With Real-Time Indicators.

Demand Indicators
Days Forecast

Look Beyond Traditional Revenue.
Make Every Forecast Profitable.

Track All Your Metrics With A Seamless Dashboard (New)

Always Stay a Step Ahead with Competitive Intelligence

Enhance ADR with Accurate Price Recommendations

Increase Utilization with Advanced Fleet Management System

React Fast to Market Changes with Hyper-local Demand

Drive Results with a Dedicated Revenue Advisor

Integrated with Industry Leading Partners


Transition from Uncertain Pricing to Unlimited Intelligence

Rev-AI is trusted by leading car rental operators to not only curate the most accurate forecast but also the power of AI to recommend the best rates based on the goals to achieve for every car type, reducing manual effort, time, and room for error.

Accelerate Business Recovery with Forward-Looking Demand Forecasts

With Rev-AI, understand the market potential with the help of a highly accurate AI-powered platform that uses over 25+ micro and macro demand indicators to forecast high demand dates to unlock hidden revenue opportunities.

Don’t let a lack of automation and data insights define your business market share.

Capture Incremental Revenue with Accurate Pricing Decisions

With Rev-AI, capture extra wallet share with an AI-driven-price recommendation engine that predicts accurate prices to ensure both daily and long rental revenue maximization.

Don’t let competition and market volatility define your business revenue potential.

Optimize Efficiency to Perfect Every Possibility

With Rev-AI, monitor and optimize utilization, booking pace, length of rentals, potential revenue, demand forecast, and much more with a single dashboard.

Don’t let manual spreadsheets & obsolete software define your business profitability.

Realize Real Revenue with Dedicated Revenue Advisors

With Rev-AI, get a dedicated revenue advisor with 30+ years of rich experience in the car rental revenue space to help you spot and realize real revenue opportunities, every step of the way.

Don’t let a lack of quality advice define your business roadmap.

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