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Forecast Beyond Historical Bookings

Traditional Revenue Management told you to rely on historical bookings for forecasts, however the volatility induced by the pandemic has made that near to impossible.

RevAI has been created in collaboration with industry leaders to solve these new challenges and help drive recovery. Powered by an AI-algorithm that is using over 25 demand indicators to calculate hyper local demand across airport and downtown locations, helping them identify high-demand dates easily amidst volatility.

Forecast Beyond your Own Benchmarks

Traditional Revenue management helped you understand how you should price yourself to beat your competition without any understanding of the market potential.

RevAI solves that and much more. Now get a single view to understand what is the demand in the market, how much of that demand is available and how much share will you get. A single screen that tracks your utilization, bookings pace, length of rental and potential revenue – Car rentals need not look anywhere else to maximize revenue.

Optimize to Perfect Every Possibility

The power of RevAI will allow car rental operators to not only curate the most accurate forecast but also enjoy the power of AI to recommend the best rates based on the goals you want to achieve for every car type, reducing manual effort, time and room for error.

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